Why You Should Have a Vintage Themed Wedding

Image of a formal vintage wedding with bride and groom and bridesmaids with large flower bouquets.
Stunning vintage wedding picture.

Tying the knot is a lifetime commitment and when all the congratulations have been said and that sweet “yes” is done, the next thing for you to do is plan ahead and give yourself some time to enjoy your moment and live in it as long as you are together. Weddings are the perfect moment to show what makes you and your partner special. Planning your wedding together is not a one-man’s job or a one-woman’s task. It’s a matter of what you and your partner would like to share with all the people who will be with you on your very special day. Your wedding is for one day but the preparation needed will take you weeks and sometimes even months, take your time to make it special and consider a Vintage theme wedding.

Why pick a vintage theme? And how exactly can you make your wedding look and feel authentic vintage?

Step back in time.

Just imagine yourself and your partner being married in a timeless ceremony, with your friends and relatives looking on, in a page torn right out of a history book. You don’t have to consider dressing up like a prince or a princess but reliving the days where girls are so feminine and men are all gentlemanly is something cool to remember and look by in the present. Besides, who wouldn’t enjoy a wedding inspired by retro dresses, the Bee Gees, pearls or hats that we only see in London worn by queens, princesses and duchesses these days? Excited already? Here’s some good reasons why you should go vintage with your wedding theme.

Vintage weddings are timeless.

Going vintage never goes out of style, with every passing era the passage of time only makes them all the more exciting. Who would ever forget you during your wedding day when people can see a bit of their past because you relive it? Going vintage is never out of fashion. It has no seasons and times to follow because it’s in or because it’s out. Why, a vintage inspired wedding can be a matter of people wearing retro dresses or those garbed like gents and wenches of the Victorian era. Hollywood glamour from the 30s with veiled hats. parasols, sleek satin dresses, pearls, delicate crystals, funky fabrics, or hippy style. How about Mama-Mia inspired weddings, flower fairies, lots of flowing ribbons or even disco balls, the possibilities are endless.

Vintage weddings are definitely unique.

Whilst no two weddings are the same, familiarities can exist, especially when the weddings of the day are mainly dominated by the same style though evolving with the latest fads. The thing is that if you don’t want to go with the conventional wedding theme and be extremely unique, a vintage wedding theme could be the right one for you. You don’t have to stress yourself out how you can make the people say “wow” during the wedding, they’ll wow at seeing how you have everything in theme. Why, you can mix and match without actually matching and mixing everything. People love things that take them in and out of time and would it be one of a kind if you can transit people from the Victorian period to the bustling and hustling era of parasols, silks and women in pearls? That would not just be memorable, lovely and fashionable; it’s also something that is singly you found only in your wedding.

Vintage weddings are cool and definitely HOT.

Weddings are milestones in your life. It’s a good thing to look back at that milestone and say to yourself, “wow, that’s cool” and at the same time say again that “whew, that’s definitely hot!”. Going vintage is not about following what’s already conventional for people. It’s about making things work together like your partner and you. Remembering your vows over photographs with a smile is not just the plan; it’s remembering everything like it was just yesterday. It’s planning and saying that people will remember it with you because it’s new (although the theme may be a bit old) and because it’s great (you know then it’s trending and hot). You don’t even have to overdo things. You just have to use one specific detail that will bring the wow out of it all and enjoy everything else. But then again, always remember that more than planning your wedding like the best in the world, you are still the spotlight of your special day and enjoying such precious moment is the grandest thing you will ever have in life.

What are you waiting for? Go vintage with style!

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