How Do I Look In These Glasses?

Men and women are certainly different and no one can dispute that. While women will be “oohing and aahing” over the latest shoes, dress, jewelry item in the market with men caring less. For men functionality is the key meaning if you do not need it then you do not buy it. This applies to all sectors of their life and when it comes to purchasing sunglasses, it is no different. Try telling some men about the new Gucci eyeglasses for men and that are the in thing today fashion wise and you will have lost them at the word Gucci. Of course there are those men that are up to date with the fashion world, these deserve to be congratulated.

Eyeglasses are inevitable accessories to get when you have bad eyesight but you should not go to the nearest optician and get the first pair that you come across. You should put some thought in what you are purchasing or wearing when it comes to eyeglasses. This begins with getting the perfect pair for your type of a face. No idea what sunglasses shape or frame to opt for? Read on to find out.

1. Round frames: This simply means the sunglasses are round in shape when looked at. They are best suited for angular shaped face. Simply put, to even out your face, you should get frames that are angular such as rectangular frames. Any small or short frames are a no go zone.2. For a square face: This is very easy to classify. Look at your face and compare it to Brad Pitt’s face. Angles are the most distinct feature for this type of face. A prominent jaw line is also another feature. With this type of face your aim is to soften the angles with the frame you choose for your eyeglasses. Go for frames that are round or oval. If you get a butterfly shaped frame then that is also fine. Just remember to keep away from rectangular frames.

3. For a triangle/Heart shaped face: This is applicable for those who have a narrow forehead and a wide chin just like Keith Urban. You need frames that will add some width to your forehead so it is good to go for frames that are semi rimless or cat eyed .If you can then you can also get a pair that curves inwards at the bottom.

4. For oval shaped face: This is one of the best face shapes to have. The face is proportionate with the chin being slightly narrower than the forehead. With this type of a face you can wear anything. It is a matter of looking at all the frames and deciding which one you like best. It can be anything from rectangular, cat eyed to round frames. You have the privilege of choosing something that you like as anything goes well with an oval face

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