Vintage and Retro Fashion For Summer 2014

Vintage and Retro Fashion Is Set to Be The Hot Trend For Summer 2014

As the heat begins to crank up and the summer months approach, new trends are beginning to emerge. One of the most popular influences for the upcoming season is vintage and retro clothing. Here are a few summer trends that are inspired by this type of fashion style.

Vintage Hats

A vintage hat is a must have accessory. It is ideal to shade the face from dangerous sun rays. A celebrity who made this look famous was Audrey Hepburn. She was often photographed in a wide brim straw hat with a satin ribbon wrapped around the top.

Bold Necklaces

Chunky jewelry will be all the rage this summer. It also has ties to Audrey Hepburn. A necklace that makes a big statement can be worn both formally or casually. It will add glamour to a cocktail dress or provide a great accent to a simple tank top and jeans.

One Shoulder Dresses

A woman commonly wears airy dresses throughout the summer season. 2014 is leaning toward a vintage one shoulder design. This cut is flattering to women of all body types.

High Waist Bikini

Even though many people choose to wear skimpy bikinis, the latest trend is high waist bikinis. This retro style was copied from Elizabeth Taylor. Back in the day, this design was considered daring. It is perfect for people who prefer modesty and like to cover up without sacrificing sex appeal.

Color Blocking Patterns

Originally, this vintage design was worn by Lauren Hutton. It is seeing a comeback this summer and is sure to continue into the autumn season as well. Color block consists of two or more colors that are arranged in a geometric pattern. It was originally popular in the 1960s and 1970s. Instead of primary colors, summer 2013 is using pastel colors to incorporate this design.

Maxi Dress

The great thing about a maxi dress is its fun appeal. It is stylish in appearance and very comfortable to wear. In the past, Elizabeth Taylor was often photographed in this type of dress. It flatters all body shapes as well.

The Stylish Way To Wear Vintage And Retro Clothing

Anyone can appear stylish when wearing this type of clothing, but it is important to follow a few rules. For example, in order to blend vintage clothing into modern times, it is essential to only wear a few key pieces at a time. Dressing head to toe with retro clothing will appear more like a costume than a hot trend.

It is also important to wear an outfit that works best with individual body type. If a style does not seem to fit right, it may be possible to hire a tailor who can make adjustments to the garment. It is possible to add or remove shoulder pads. It is also possible to adjust hemlines as well.

Vintage and retro clothing is a large trend for summer 2013. It is simple to pick up a few pieces that can be blended with modern fashion. There are some great retro and vintage clothing specialist websites around which stock vintage clothing and offer vintage fashion advice, one such is website is Ironically, by adding some old classics to your wardrobe, a person is able to recycle fashion and create an original fresh look.

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