Different Types of Clothes That You Can Wear in Lingerie Parties

Lingerie parties are very popular among teens. If this is your first time to attend one, then maybe you are wondering about what to wear. Ask the boys and they give you a simple answer: “You should wear bra and panties only during the party”. However, the clothes that you can wear in such parties are not limited to bra and panties and only. Here are some of the outfits that you can wear in a lingerie party.

Nice Rugged Jeans

You don’t have to wear undies only if you are not comfortable about showing off your legs. One of the alternative outfit that you can wear are rugged jeans paired with a baby doll or bustier top. Combining it with a high-heel sandal will make you look sexier. Don’t forget to wear some makeup. You can also wear semi-transparent stockings in case you are the conservative type who feel disturbed about exposing your legs.


Chemises is also another option for you, especially if you don’t want to reveal your navel and stomach areas. You can either choose a loose or tight-skin chemises. You are free to stretch it up to your knees or make it shorter if you want to show off your legs. You can add some elegance by settling for laced chemises that comes with embroidered designs. You can also wear a stocking or pantyhose along with your chemises. In case you are plus size, you can always find plus size sexy costumes sold in online stores.


Camisoles are still popular, and you can wear them on lingerie parties. A pair of camisole top and jeans shorts will look great on lingerie parties. In case you would like to make yourself look daring and seductive, you can wear a pair of boy shorts instead of jeans.


Micro-miniskirts are also one of the top choices for lingerie parties. You can also pair it with a lacy bra on top. With the right pairing, you can make yourself stand out in the party.

Plus-size Lingerie

Even though you feel that your body is larger-than-average, you can still participate in lingerie parties. There are many types of plus size lingerie available in online stores. Furthermore, these types of outfits are designed to hide the lumps and bumps of your body, as well as emphasize its good parts. With plus-size undergarments, you can make yourself look presentable at lingerie parties.

What About Men?

Since lingerie parties are now being held at homes, some hosts may invite men. Men do not have to worry about the clothes they should wear in this kind of events. A pair of boxer shorts will do. They don’t have to wear make-up either.

You have many options when it comes to the type of clothes that you can wear in lingerie parties. You don’t have to worry about wearing undergarments only if you do not feel very comfortable about it. You can still wear clothes that are not very revealing but still appropriate in this kind of parties. Even people with larger-than-average bodies can still have fun at these parties because of the availability of lingerie designed for them. In other words, your options are endless.

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