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Vintage and Retro Fashion For Summer 2014

Vintage and Retro Fashion Is Set to Be The Hot Trend For Summer 2014 As the heat begins to crank up and the summer months approach, new trends are beginning to emerge. One of the most popular influences for the upcoming season is vintage and retro clothing. Here are a few summer trends that are […]

Different Types of Clothes That You Can Wear in Lingerie Parties

Lingerie parties are very popular among teens. If this is your first time to attend one, then maybe you are wondering about what to wear. Ask the boys and they give you a simple answer: “You should wear bra and panties only during the party”. However, the clothes that you can wear in such parties […]

Retro Fashion in Gaming

Painting the White House Purple While we’re on the subject of the fifties let’s turn to a game series known for a less serious tone and more for it’s off the wall insanity. Saint’s Row IV was released this year to a mixed but mostly positive reception, and among it’s various simulated worlds is a […]

Whats On In The Vintage Scene

Haslemere Classic Car Show & Tour Date: Sunday May 26 2013 Location: Lion Green, Lion Lane, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 1LD Show for pre-1973 classics, vintage and veteran. Vintage style event with stalls, period style music and entertainment, traditional food. Drivers are encouraged to dress to suit their vehicles. Web Site: Website. Telephone: 07802 347727 Classic […]

Hello Vintage World! We Are Back!

My Vintage Dresser is back! Welcome to our new website where we shall soon have all you old favourites dusted down and back on display along with the latest Vintage lifestyle hints tips and tricks! Fist I need to work out how to use this theme and WordPress. We used Joomla before so its all […]

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