Look Younger By Keeping The Face Blemish Free!

Teen acne can prove problematic. A smooth, blemish free skin has the capacity of generating feelings of confidence. However, genetic and hormones make an individual susceptible to acne. Though it might be beyond the control of an individual, achieving a softer, smoother skin requires a change in basic habits.

Prescriptions and chemical treatments, although advertised for maintaining clear complexions, can be harsh to the skin, besides being expensive. The natural methods of treatment provide the desired results, avoiding the expense and side effects of chemical treatments. Some of the ways of keeping the face blemish free include:

1. Keep the skin clean

It is advisable to keep the face clean by washing it twice daily in the morning and evening using a mold facial soap. You can consider using an oil free, non comedogenic cleanser that will not over dry the skin or cause irritation. Also, make sure to use bare hands instead of using a washcloth to wash. Furthermore, pat dry the face using a washcloth. As you sleep, pull the hair backward from the face. The dirt and oils on the hair can transfer to the skin, causing blemishes.

2. Eat healthy food and exercise

Eating healthy food and exercising plays an important role in improving the skin quality. Regular exercising improves blood flow, eliminates harmful toxins and reduces stress. Vitamin A in particular helps to keep the skin supple and smooth. Vitamin C is an effective antioxidant that helps to repair skin damage and protects the skin, while Vitamin E prevents cell damage. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water helps to keep the skin hydrated.

3. Limit the levels of stress

Consider limiting stress by talking to friends/ family members, listening to music or exercising. According to clinical studies, stress has the capacity of stimulating hormones. This often results in the skin glands producing oil in excess, causing acne breakouts.

4. Avoid oily products on the face

Thick cosmetics, oily moisturizers and greasy hair waxes have the capacity of making acne worse. Therefore, it is advisable to use light water-based hair products. You should also consider pinning the hair away from the face. If needed, use a pea sized drop of non-acnegenic and non-comedogenic moisturizer. Also, consider using mineral powder foundation as well as cosmetics as opposed to heavy, greasy products.

5. Avoid habits that make the acne worse

Avoid getting into the habit of making the blemishes worse. Picking on acne can result in acne scarring. Furthermore, avoid all types of fatty, sugary foods, these types of foods often cause insulin and blood sugar levels to fluctuate while exacerbating teen acne problems.

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