A Buying Guide On Manchester City Football Shirts

Being a football fan is one of the most exciting things. The excitement, the adrenaline rush and the glory that you feel when the last goal strikes and your team wins.

Manchester City has been one of the most successful football teams in Europe. Due to its superb performance, the team has not only won accolades of appreciation but also has a large fan following. No wonder, many people have chosen to buy various Manchester City merchandise, especially the football shirts. You can find many Manchester City supporters buying the team’s merchandise from the internet.

If you too are a Manchester City fan, it will be much better if you go for buying some great Manchester City merchandise. If you are looking forward to buy Manchester City football shirts, read the following information on buying genuine City merchandise.

So, first, we will help you get acquainted with the genuine Manchester City team shirt. The first thing that can help you identify a genuine City team shirt is the quality of the shirt. If you feel that the shirt is a bit rough and coarse, then it is definitely not one of those that you should be buying. Rough texture indicates poor-quality cloth has been used for making the shirt. On the other hand, when you buy a genuine one, you can get a smoother and rich feel, which is an indication of a genuine high-quality shirt from Manchester City. The genuine shirt is also thicker, which means that a good-quality cloth has been used for manufacturing it.

On the other hand, the best way to spot a fake one is by understanding the color texture. Manchester City home shirts are light blue with ‘Etihad Airways’ printed in the middle and the Nike tick mark on the top left. Fakes are likely to be in a bit darker shade of blue with the logo placed on the top right.

The away shirts are black with the left side in the lighter shade and the right one in the darker shade of black with the ‘Etihad Airways’ printed in the middle and the Nike logo and the club’s official logo on the top left and top right respectively. The fakes usually mess up with the color making it darker throughout. They also exchange the positions of the logos on the top.

After you have acquainted yourself in distinguishing the fakes from the genuine ones, it is time for checking out the prices. If you are keen on buying an original one and saving money, it is always advisable that you buy them during the off-season. This is so, since during the football season, the demand increases, which also increases the price. So, even if you are not bothered about spending too much money, you may find that the online apparel stores may be short of cheap Manchester City football shirts – or as the Danish original providers call them billige Manchester City fodboldtrjer.

If you are thinking of buying City merchandise offline, it is advisable that you buy only from reputed apparel chains. Since ordinary apparel stores are likely to give you fake ones that are too highly priced, it is always better to buy from popular apparel stores.

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