Vintage Real Madrid Football Shirts

First, here is a bit about the history of this great club and La Liga giant.This is a professional football club from Spain. Founded in 1902, it has traditionally worn white football shirts. In terms of revenue collection it is termed as the world’s richest club. It’s owned and managed by the club members. It’s described as one of the most successful clubs in Spanish football due to its overwhelming international trophies. It has won a record 31 La Liga titles.

Since the club’s formation, Real Madrid football shirts have borne a crest. The first crest was marked with three initials MCF that meant Madrid Club de Futbol. The crest was subjected to changes in 1908 and it was encircled. In 1920, it was granted royal patronage. It changed its title to Real Madrid simply meaning ‘royal’ and King Alfonso’s crown was embedded on the crest.

Royal symbols were later removed from the crest following the fall of monarchy. More changes were made in 2001 in order to modernize it with the 21st century.

Configurations on the shirt

Its initial full kit was white with the exception of the belt whose colors were those of the Spanish flag. The shirt changed in 1911 when the Spanish flag colors were removed. In 1914 knots were added to its collar. In 1952 the knots were removed from the collar and it was made circular. Legend like Ferenc Puskas used this shirt. Three years later the shirt changed to white. The option of wearing a pointed or circular collar was introduced.

Cotton materials were later done away with and replaced with synthetic materials. In the same year, 1980 Adidas officially dressed the team. Tight shirts were used throughout the decade. During the club’s centenary in 2002 Real Madrid football shirts became spotless white. A crest distinguishing Real Madrid as being the best club was introduced into the 2006 shirt.

In the current 2013/14 season the Real Madrid home shirt is not much different. It resembles their traditional design. It’s white in color and has black stripes on the shoulders, blue and red stripes on the half-sleeves. The goalkeeper’s shirt is purple with a small gradient to blue.

Their away shirts are blue in color with white Adidas stripes on the shoulders. They also have a logo with an orange trim on the sides. The color was chosen as a symbol of their past glory in the early years.

Their third shirt is orange in color with black stripes on the shoulders. Real Madrid football shirts are made and supplied by Adidas. The mixture of white and royal blue color topped up with orange comes with expectations of shining once more.

Where to get them

The original shirts are available worldwide in various major sports and fashion outlets. They retail at an average price of eighty dollars. The FodboldonlineReal Madrid football shirts- or as the Danish original providers call them Fodboldonline Real Madrid fodboldtrjer -can also be bought online. This is done by visiting the official Real Madrid online store. They offer a wide variety of shirts that satisfy one’s needs. This is done by offering shirts bearing a preferred player’s name. They can further be personalized by printing one’s own name.


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