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Vaness Suit - Heart My Closet For some time I have been coveting a suit from Top Runway on Ebay (Oriental Treasure as she is known on there), and when asked before Christmas what I would like, I told my mum ‘a suit please!’.

I had heard good things about Top Runway from my friend, but had never been in a position to be able to get anything, so I was exceptionally excited about my very first item from them.  I chose the ‘Vaness’ suit, in teal fabric, with a velvet collar.

All items from Top Runway are custom made to measurements you specify, so you have to be very careful, however, the lady who runs the shop knows what she is doing and can spot anything that doesn’t seem quite right, which was handy as we had managed to mess up one of my measurements!  I got an email asking me to check the measurements, and all was ok.

We ordered the suit just a couple of weeks before Christmas, so I wasn’t expecting to get it until the New Year, however, on Christmas Eve, a little parcel arrived for me containing the most beautiful suit I have ever seen!

The fit is perfect, and it looks just like the picture, I was so happy, especially as it also arrived before Christmas!

In fact, I was so happy, that in the New Year, I ordered another suit and a dress from their website Heart My Closet.  This time I went for the ‘Julie’ suit, and the ‘Bella’ dress.  In order that I have more than one option for each, I got the suit in navy with a dark red collar, cuffs and pocket detail, and the dress in dark red with navy trim.  The customisation options are endless, I don’t like showing my legs, so I opted for a pleat in the back of the suit skirts and the front of the dress, and the dress I went for an elbow length sleeve, and no keyhole at the neck.  Again, the items arrived within a couple of weeks, and were perfect!

I can heartily recommend Heart My Closet/Top Runway (they also have an Etsy store).  There is plenty of choice, and the prices are astounding – the suits cost around £70 each.  This, topped off with exceptional customer service makes them a wonderful place to get that something special!

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