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Mens Fashion Over The Years

Fashion by nature is transient; it comes and goes, quite quickly. However, every decade in the fashion history has something unique to offer. In this article we take you through some fashionable years and the stylish trends that were created for men.

A quick look at men’s fashion in the 1940s

Men’s fashion statements in the 1940s could be well described as elegant and stylish. It saw a shift from practical styles that arose from war to a fashion sense that was a celebration of the end of strict rationing. Even in the traditional environment of the 1940s, men were not afraid to experiment with fashion choices. Men took several fashion risks that paid off, some of which include Hawaiian shirts, zoot suits, hats and hand-painted ties.


Men’s Fashion in the 1960s

The decade of 1960s gave way to a lively and energetic way of dressing. It was dominated by change and progress. The Beatles inspired a sharp silhouette and emphasized on clean sophisticated lines. This decade also saw men gravitating towards vivacious coulors and borderline obnoxious prints. This included paisley, floral and polka dots. Other famous trends from this decade include Nehru collars, tie dyes and bell bottoms.

Men’s Fashion in the 1980s

This decade witnessed everything in excess! Fashion was displayed on a grand scale and it was heavily influenced by hip hop culture, heavy-metal bands, androgynous pop stars and action movie stars. Men’s fashion statement in the 1980s mainly comprised of suits in white, pastel, or bright coulors. It also witnessed casual t-shirts under designer jackets, pushed-up sleeves and open jackets, along with loafers or boat shoes, minus the socks.

Men’s Fashion in the 2000s

Fashion in the 2000s witnessed the return of old-school tailoring and the three-piece suits. Men also started sporting double breasted suits. It also became quite fashionable to mix up formal wear with casual attire. Of course, how could we miss the designer jeans! Notably, distressed jeans had clearly become an acceptable dressy item of clothing for both men as well as women. Check out Teemper for the latest buzz in the men’s fashion world.

Clothing fads are wholeheartedly accepted by most people, especially if a celebrity sports them. This evolving nature of fashion has given us some great outfits that we keep going back to. However, to be fashionable also means to be in sync with the latest trend. So, keep looking around for various fashion inspirations and remember to stay stylish!


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