How To Put Together A Vintage Wedding

A couple who wants to have a unique, out of the ordinary wedding ceremony should consider having a vintage wedding. A 1920s, 1960s or even Victorian style wedding is not necessarily complicated to plan and can be surprisingly affordable as well. Following is a step by step plan that can help a couple put together a vintage wedding that will suit their needs and budget.

Find a Venue

While a venue can be decorated to suit a couple’s needs, it is best to locate a vintage venue that will require minimal decoration. Historical sites such as art galleries, theaters and heritage buildings frequently allow marriages or may be open to considering the idea. Restaurants are yet another good venue option to consider, as some such spots have vintage art and decor that would lend itself well to a vintage wedding ceremony.

Vintage Decorations and Accessories

No matter where the wedding is held, a couple is sure to need at least some additional decorations and accessories to recreate the feel of the time period in question. To start with, a couple should choose the primary colors for the wedding. Black and white is classy and can be ideal for a 1920s style wedding. Flashy colors such as hot pink and black are good options for a retro style wedding while plain white would probably be the color of choice for a Victorian wedding.

Once the colors are chosen, a couple should start by finding the most important items such as tablecloths, lights and flowers. Wedding favors are also important. Vintage favors can be found for sale both online and offline. Buying the favors ready made is usually the best option. While hand made vintage favors are often more unique than their ready made counterparts, it is time consuming to make even simple favors from scratch.

Find the Right Clothing

Finding vintage wedding clothing online is not difficult and costs are relatively low, especially if a person is purchasing genuine clothing, which will most likely be secondhand. An alternative to buying ready made clothing is to look up old fashioned patterns online and hire a seamstress to re-create the clothes of your choice.

Some women may be able to borrow a vintage wedding dress from their mother or grandmother. Doing so is a good option; however, it is important to try on the dress in advance to make sure it is a good fit. The site has clips, pins, tiaras, jewels and other items that a bride would need along with her dress.

A couple who wants to have a vintage wedding should start by finding a venue as soon as possible. After the venue has been booked, it will be relatively easy to determine which decorative items and accessories should be used for the ceremony and reception. A couple should make a list of everything that is needed, from clothing down to hair clips, and then write up a plan for either making or buying the needed items for the event. A couple that plans in advance and does proper research should have no problem making their wedding day as special as it is meant to be.

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