How to Do Vintage or Retro

Whether you realize it or not, we’re all living in the future. Never before in human history has the human race been so aware of its own history, because never before has so much of that recent history been preserved for us in the form of video and audio as well as written records. This means you’re not restricted to just this season or the last few years when picking out a look or an outfit you’ve got decades upon decades of inspired design to choose from. Lots of clothing and hairstyles from fifty, sixty, even eighty years ago was pretty amazing, and just because it’s a little old is no reason you can’t incorporate it into your look. The only question is, like any other fashion tool, how do you use it most effectively? Here’s some quick guidelines when going retro.

Don’t Go Full Retro

Number one is, just because you like the style of a certain time period doesn’t mean you should just go full-on retro. In other words, if you like the 1920s “flapper” styles and hairdos, great! But don’t just go buy a 1920s vintage dress and get your hair bobbed you’ll look like crazy person. The key is, use aspects of the 1920s in your style. Grab some loose necklaces and layer them, get that cute flapper bob, wear an adorable lavender hat like one that Lillian Gish wore in one movie but keep the rest of your outfit modern. This way you avoid looking like an extra from a movie set and more like a woman with her own sense of style.

Make Sure Vintage Pieces are In Perfect Shape

You may love the look of some treasure found in a vintage shop, but step back and be objective. Your jeans are brand new, your shirt is crisp and ironed, your shoes are so on-trend they’re practically from the future are you really going to mix in a tattered, dusty old thing? You want the lines and the design, not the moths and the years. Have the same standards for your vintage clothing as you do your brand new couture. Otherwise, vintage ends up looking just old.

Don’t Clash Decades

The more time periods you bring into your look, the worse it gets. A dash of 1940s Old Hollywood can make your look personal and special. Old Hollywood plus 1960s Hippie plus 1980s colour blocking? Now you just look crazy. Subtlety is the key. Most people have one general period that catches their fancy, but if you’re more broad-minded, at least make sure that each individual outfit you put together has a coherent time-theme if you’re going to spice things up with vintage, retro styles.

It Doesn’t Have to Be All Clothes

Remember, they had accessories back in The Day, too! You can express the retro love side of you just as effectively with some amazing jewellery or other accessories. Or a haircut a thoroughly modern dress plus a deliciously retro hairdo might be just the ticket to make you stand out from the crowd. Plus, accessories are subtle they give you a kiss of old-school without making you look like you’re one of those people who re-enacts Civil War battles.

Like everything else, there’s a method to vintage madness or there should be. Don’t go overboard, and keep a firm hand on your fashion tiller and you’ll be able to safely time travel and look marvellous doing it.

About the author: Vari is the blog writer for Glitterstore, an ecommerce store in the UK. She has always had a great love for fashion and makeup and is continually on the lookout for new products whether it be the latest La Riche Directions hair dye or the latest from Barry M.


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