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Mens Fashion Over The Years

Fashion by nature is transient; it comes and goes, quite quickly. However, every decade in the fashion history has something unique to offer. In this article we take you through some fashionable years and the stylish trends that were created for men. A quick look at men’s fashion in the 1940s Men’s fashion statements in […]

How to Do Vintage or Retro

Whether you realize it or not, we’re all living in the future. Never before in human history has the human race been so aware of its own history, because never before has so much of that recent history been preserved for us in the form of video and audio as well as written records. This […]

How To Put Together A Vintage Wedding

A couple who wants to have a unique, out of the ordinary wedding ceremony should consider having a vintage wedding. A 1920s, 1960s or even Victorian style wedding is not necessarily complicated to plan and can be surprisingly affordable as well. Following is a step by step plan that can help a couple put together […]

An Interesting Blog.

Whilst struggling with the finer ins and outs of this WordPress theme I came accross this blog in America which I find rather interesting. I dont know what town it is in but it looks a nice place. Grandma of course saw the depression, prohibition, the second world war the civil rights of the sixties […]

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